Friday, December 21, 2012

Painting with Candy Canes

Schools were closed again today due to snow, so I thought I'd share a project we did earlier in the week. It doesn't really need an explanation, other than: swap out those paint brushes for some candy canes!
I kept the wrapper on one end so the kids wouldn't get their fingers sticky. And I told them to be gentle with them so they wouldn't break.

Most kids just had fun putting paint on their paper,
but there were a couple kids who painted pictures.

Because I have another day off, I'm going to make even more caramel corn! I will be back tonight to share the delicious recipe with you!



JenniDMills said...

LOL, they could paint with food colouring or something so that they would still be edible.

Asad Rehman said...

really beautiful Christmas paintings. Its all about the love and effort.