Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jingle Bells

The woman who cooks the lunch at our center gave me a couple bags of little plastic cups (like the kind you might put ketchup in), thinking I could use them for something. I knew I would think of something eventually, so I put them in a drawer for a few months. And then it hit me! Jingle bells! This wouldn't even put a dent in the stack she gave me (seriously, it's hundreds),
but it turned out to be a very quick and fun craft!
We used the same technique that we use for all our stained-glass crafts. First the kids painted the outside of the cups with watered-down glue.

Then they applied tissue paper squares. I decided to put out a bunch of colors instead of just "christmasy" ones.
Then they applied a second coat of the glue mixture just to keep everything smooth and shiny.
When they were dry, I poked holes in the tops with scissors.
I stuck silver pipe cleaners through the holes (both ends into the same hole) and strung on two jingle bells, then bent the ends of the pipe cleaners so the bells wouldn't fall off.
That's it!
The kids can hang them on the tree or a doorknob, or just carry them around! At the end of the day we used our bells when we sang Jingle Bells!
And now I'm sitting here waiting for the snow to begin. Schools have already been closed for tomorrow because of an expected blizzard. I will spend my snow day doing last-minute Christmas things, like making caramel corn and finishing up some crafts. And probably staying in my pajamas!


Paula said...

What a great idea for a child friendly Christmas craft. I'm thinking egg cartons can be used as well instead of the plastic cups.

Maro's kindergarten said...

I imagine how they sound and I love them! Thanks for this really great craft!

Betsy said...

Paula, I think egg cartons would be perfect for this. Or even dixie cups!