Thursday, July 12, 2012

Picnic Lunch

OK, I totally stole this idea from Rachel at I Heart Crafty Things. I was really struggling to come up with some fun picnic ideas and her craft saved me! I stretched it out over three days, but you definitely can do it in one. On Monday the kids painted their own picnic blankets. We talked about the difference between painting a picture and painting a design. My example was stripes, so most of the kids made a striped blanket. (I sometimes hate making an example for this very reason. Oh well.)

I cut the construction paper a tiny bit around the edges. I wanted to soften it up a little bit so it would be more like a blanket. On Tuesday we added the finger print ants. So cute! The kids dipped a finger in black paint to make the body.
When it was dry, they used a fine point Sharpie to add legs and antennae.

(Those are my ants up there.)
I had asked the kids to bring in pictures of their favorite picnic foods. Today they were able to glue them on to their blankets.
I also brought in a bunch of clip art for those who forgot to bring pictures.
All those pictures of food really made me hungry!

A few kids seemed afraid to cover up their art work, so all the food went around the border! Haha!

I hung them up with some ants (which you may recognize from my watermelon post).
Hmmm, now I'm hungry again!


Maro s kindergarten said...

They turned out very pretty!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

They turned out great Betsy! Having them make their own blanket was such a genius idea. Thanks for linking to me. I took a peek at your beehive. Too cute!!