Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Glittery Firework Display

Last year we made the typical glitter fireworks, using black paper, glue and glitter. I loved it. The kids loved it. But I wanted to try something different this year. It didn't really work like I had hoped, but I'm sharing it anyway. It all started when I saw this wonderful painting made with cut straws over on Putti's World. But instead of using paint, we used glue. I cut the straws at one end into 4 strips. The kids dipped them in glue and dabbed their paper with the straw.
I was hoping it would make little starbursts, but it didn't. The straw strips were too flimsy. But the kids didn't seem to care at all! They just happily poured the glitter on the glue.
We got some pretty art and the kids were very proud about their fireworks, showing anyone who came in the room.

And the kids had a blast making them.

So I guess it really doesn't matter what I think! Although, I do think this next one most closely resembles what I had in mind:
The best part about it was that the straws controlled the amount of glue so we didn't have huge globs that would take days to dry. I was able to send them all home at the end of the day!
(If you want to make some Fourth of July party hats, check out the ones we made last year here!)


Lorie K said...

So pretty! I love how they turned out!

Nancy said...

I love the fireworks! Can't wait to do this with my boys!