Monday, July 23, 2012

Preschool Olympic Games

Last week I mentioned that the kids in my class were "competing" in different events and on Friday they each received a gold medal. Well, I'm back to share a little more detail on that. We had events like Monkey Bars, High Bar, Short and Long Distance Running, and Obstacle Course. We also had Shot Put (with a soccer ball):
Floor Exercise:
Long Jump:
Water Splash:
Balance Beam:
For our award ceremony, I put up red, white and blue paper on the wall. Then I put my olympic rings art on a crate and the kids stood on the crate to receive their medals. (I got the medals through Amazon.)
Today I made a little display in the hall. I put up our class torch, all the gold medalists, and several pictures.

All the pictures are great because you can tell the kids are having so much fun. The parents seemed to enjoy it at pick-up time. I even saw parents who don't even have kids in my class admiring the display!


Morskaia said...

Betsy thanks for ideas. :)

Nancy said...

wow, how fun. I want to be in your class too!