Monday, July 30, 2012

Simple Pirate Hats

We started our pirate unit today! I always have mixed feelings about this theme. The kids love it, and of course it's exciting, but the kids can get pretty rough with their play. But it's only for a week, so I can handle it. For our pirate hats, I used large construction paper. To make a template, I folded one piece in half and drew half of a hat. Then I cut it out and opened it up. Each child got two hats stapled together on the ends.
I also cut out a bunch of skulls and bones.
The kids glued some bones and a skull to one side of their hat.
When their hat was dry, I stapled it again so it would fit their head better.
And yes, I had several colors available, not just black. It's more fun that way! I also had a little Pirate's Cove goin' on in dramatic play.
The kids could dig for treasure in the sand.
And they could dress up like pirates!
I got the masks, hooks and parrot from Party City several years ago. They really help the kids get into the pirate mood!

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