Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watermelon Slices

I'm back! I feel like I haven't posted in so long. Yesterday was my first official day in my classroom. And boy, was I busy! I was trying to get everything organized and all my things moved in. I didn't have a free second to take pictures of the art project. But that's okay because it took us two days to do it, so now I have the finished product to share. It's nothing new or exciting. Just watermelon slices made out of paper plate halves. But I did something a little different for the seeds. We painted the plates yesterday and today I wrote the children's names on them.
(You might notice pieces missing from the watermelons. We'll get to that in a bit.)
The kids used a glue stick to trace over their names.
And then they put black seeds on over the black lines of their names. I just cut out a few different sizes of seeds -- this was all free-hand cutting, for I wasn't going to trace and cut a hundred tiny seeds!

They also colored ants on Monday and I put chunks of their watermelon in the hands of their ants.
I found the ants here and just printed it out and blew them up to the size I needed. I think they are so cute! And then I added this:
Here's how it looks in our room!
Last year I used this as my end-of-year display, but I used stencil letters to write out "Any way you slice it, Pre-K was a blast!" and the teachers were the ants.
Oh, Miss Sara, I miss you!!

I mentioned in a recent post that my director chooses the weekly themes and this week's theme is Summer Fun Memories. I will also be doing sun prints and rainbow pasta art. When I took this job I was worried about doing projects that I've already blogged about, but I can't let my blog rule my life, right? So if I have repeats in class, I will find an older project to show you. But it will also force me to come up with new projects for old themes. That should be fun!


Melissa said...

What a perfect Summer craft - I am so looking forward to summer! The little ants are adorable.

Betsy said...

You may be looking forward to summer, but I can't wait for fall! Colorful leaves, caramel apples, and cool weather. Ahhhhh.....