Thursday, August 11, 2011

Glitter Marble Painting

Today we did marble painting -- with a twist. I put some marbles in a bowl of glue. The kids picked up the marble with a spoon and plopped it on their paper, which was in a box.
After moving the box to get the marble to roll around their paper, they added glitter.
Then they shook off the excess glitter and this is what was left: 
This is similar to our Glitter Fireworks. In fact, many kids said it looked like fireworks. However, it's more abstract and you don't get huge globs of glue that take days to dry because the kids aren't squeezing from a bottle. The glue actually slows the marble down and you have more control than when using paint. (If it's too slow, you can add some water to the glue.) And the finished product is so sparkly!


Melissa said...

What a great idea- so sparkly! My son would love this.

Betsy said...

I was just looking around our room trying to find something different. I don't know why I never thought of it before!

Anonymous said...

The boys want to try this marble art now.