Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shaving Cream Art

Today we talked about our sense of smell. We made beautiful art with shaving cream. It made our whole room smell fresh and clean! We started with a squirt of shaving cream on a plate.
Then we used a jumbo craft stick to spread the shaving cream on the plate, like we were frosting a cake.
Then we picked two colors of food coloring. I put a few drops of each color onto the shaving cream. I didn't want the kids doing this step because it stains and they would probably use way too much!
Then we used a regular craft stick to drag the colors around just a bit.
And a little bit more.
You don't want to mix too much. You want a nice design. Then we put our paper on top of the shaving cream and pressed down gently.
Then we peeled it up,
and scraped off the shaving cream with the jumbo craft stick.
What was left behind was a beautiful piece of art.

UPDATE: Check out how I made a frame for shaving cream art here.

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