Monday, August 25, 2014


If you google shark crafts for kids, you'll find a ton of those sharks with paper plates for teeth. And that's what you'll find here. It's cute and I've never done it before, so we tried it. The kids cut out the body of the shark themselves. I made our sharks a little pointy on top, for the nose.
The kids attached the tail and two fins (that I had previously cut out) to the shark body.
I chose not to make a fin at the top of the head. You wouldn't be able to see the dorsal fin at that angle anyway, so I left it out. We made the teeth from small paper plates. The kids tried cutting the teeth themselves, but I did have to help them a bit.
Then they drew a picture in the mouth of what the shark was eating.
I used glue dots to attach the mouth to the shark. The kids drew some dots for the nostrils at the top of the shark and glued big wiggle eyes way off to the sides.
This one is eating the child who made the craft:
 This one is eating a rainbow:
 And this one is eating the earth:
 Fun Fact: When the shark opens its mouth to bite something, its upper jaw dislocates from the skull so the teeth are fully extended. (Yikes!)

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