Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cupcake Liner Jellyfish

I absolutely love the coffee filter jellyfish we've done in past years, but I wanted to do something different this year. I had a big stack of cupcake liners that were all different colors so I decided to use those. We actually made two crafts because the first one didn't really satisfy me enough. It just didn't turn out how I had imagined, so we made a second craft. I'll show you both. For the first one, the kids used oil pastels to make an under-the-sea picture. Then they glued curling ribbon to the back of a cupcake liner that was cut in half. And then they glued the liner to their picture. I curled the ribbon with a scissors.

I liked it better before curling it, but the strands of ribbon were soooo long, it looked silly against the blue paper. And if I cut them short enough, then they weren't really curly anymore. So I curled them myself, felt a little disappointed, and decided to make another jellyfish craft with them. And this one only took seconds for the kids to make. I cut a ton of strands of ribbon and the kids glued them to the inside of a cupcake liner.
And that's it!
I only had five kids that day, so I let each one make a few. Then I hung them from the lights in our room.

I didn't curl the ribbon with a scissors this time. I let them hang naturally and I love how they looked! Some hung a little low, but the kids liked that because they told anyone who touched it that they got stung by a jellyfish!

Fun Fact: If a jellyfish is cut in half, each half can regenerate parts, thus making two new jellyfish.

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