Sunday, August 10, 2014

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

I love this dinosaur craft. I found free templates at The Craft Train that were specifically made to go with paper plates. I printed them out on card stock. When cutting them out, I doubled the number of legs on the template to give the dinosaurs a more three-dimensional look.
First the kids painted half a paper plate using pom poms.
Then they picked which dinosaur they wanted to make and I cut out the pieces. The legs were all attached with glue dots, but either the head or tail was attached with a brass fastener so the kids could move them up and down. Then they added a wiggle eye and decorated them with markers.

I hung them around our Dino Camp sign. (Read more about our Dino Camp here.)
Thanks to The Craft Train for the free templates!


Diane said...

The craft Train is now charging 9.99 for their template set.

Betsy said...

Diane, I'm sorry to hear that. I was able to find many free templates through a quick google image search, so you can always go that route.