Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Puffy Paint Snowy Owls

To continue with our Polar Animal theme, here are the snowy owls we made:
It was very easy and the kids had a lot of fun! I made puffy paint by mixing shaving cream and Elmer's glue. Then I put porcupine balls in it.
The kids used the balls to stamp an owl shape on their blue paper.
Then they added wiggle eyes and an orange triangle for the beak. (We did use extra glue for the eyes just to be safe.)
Obviously, the kids who used lots of puffy paint had fluffier owls. But they are all cute.

And even though snowy owls have yellow eyes, I let the kids choose any color they wanted for their own owl. I do wish I had made brown or black triangles for the beaks, though. I've done that with our other snowy owl crafts, but I forgot about it this year. Want to see our snowy owls from years' past? Check out the ones we made with pine cones here, and ones we made with a bath poof (my favorite) here.

Fun Fact: The adult male snowy owls are almost pure white, getting whiter as they get older. The chicks and females have brown markings.

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Melissa said...

Happy New Year Betsy! The owls are adorable :) I'm definitely going to have to try making puffy paint.