Monday, January 14, 2013

Pine Cone Snowy Owls

I had a bunch of jumbo pine cones left over from my Christmas decorations. They are the cinnamon-scented ones. So as I was putting away all my decorations, I decided to hang on to them and use them for a craft with my class. Today was the day. I've seen many pine cones turned into snowy owls, and since our theme is Polar Animals this week, we tried it out. It was so easy! We used cotton balls, wiggle eyes and paper beaks.
The kids tore apart the cotton balls and stuffed them into the pine cones. No glue was needed!

Then we used glue dots to attach the eyes and beaks. Even though snowy owls have yellow eyes, I let the kids pick whatever color eyes they wanted. Look at these cuties!

 (Hee, hee -- love that one!)

Fun Fact: A snowy owl's legs and feet are heavily feathered to protect it from the cold.

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

These turned out soooo cute! What a fun idea!!