Friday, January 3, 2014

One in a Minion

The kids in my class love the minions from the Despicable Me movies. (And maybe I do, too! They are adorable!) I thought it would be fun for them to make their own minion. I did a google search of minions and printed out one I liked and used it as my template. (I found it here.) I made the body, overalls, legs, arms, gloves, eyes/goggles and the strap all from construction paper.

To make it a little easier for the kids, I had the shoes and legs as one piece (I just colored the shoes black) and I attached the white eyes to the gray goggles. They got to work gluing all the pieces on their tall or short minion. The arms were simple so they could go either way. They just glued on a glove to one end and glued the other end to the minion body. For the legs, they put some glue at the top and slid it under the minion body.
For the goggles, they glued on a strip of black paper, glued one big eye or two smaller eyes onto the strip and added the pupils. I trimmed off the extra black strip when they were all done with their craft. The buttons on the overalls were made with a regular hole punch, although we would have used real black buttons if we had them.
Then the kids used markers to make the mouths and hair.

A couple children said they wanted their minion to have teeth, so I cut some white squares out for them. They all turned out SO CUTE! I was a little worried they'd all look pretty much the same (as the real minions do) but they each have their own personality!

I hung them in the hall with the title, My Class is One in a Minion!
Everybody loves them!
Now I'm settled down for a nice long weekend. Schools have already been cancelled for Monday due to dangerously low temperatures. If you are in the same boat, stay warm!

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Kinderaffe said...

What wonderfully fun way to start off the New Year.

I love it and know my class of all boys will as well.