Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vampire Craft

I haven't done a vampire craft since this one several years ago:
I really wanted to do one with my class this year. I loved that one but I didn't have all the supplies on hand, so I decided to change it up a bit and also make it bigger. Here's what we ended up making:
I cut out circles in red and purple, and semi-circles in black. I mentioned how vampires have hair with a peak on the forehead so I told them to cut a couple triangles out of the semi-circle.
Most of the kids got carried away and cut out a bunch of triangles, but that's ok. Next they glued on the hair piece to their circle and drew a nose and mouth. Then they glued on wiggle eyes. And using white scrap paper, they cut two triangles out for fangs.
Then it was time to add the cape and bow tie. I decided to just make the collar of the cape and the shoulders of the vampire.
The kids glued the head onto the collar and then added a bow tie. Complete!
So cute, right?

I decided to use the same title as I used many years ago, "We Are Fangtastic!" And I displayed them on the classroom door.
Love them!

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