Thursday, October 16, 2014

Craft Stick Planes and Fingerprint Trains

We did a Transportation theme last week. I received some colorful jumbo craft sticks and white poms poms free from
I thought they would be perfect for an airplane craft. The kids picked out two sticks and I used a glue dot to attach them together to make a plane. Then they made windows with a black Sharpie and added red and blue sequins for lights. They attached the sequins with mini glue dots.
If you have time to let the glue dry, you could use regular school glue instead of glue dots. But this way the kids could handle the planes right away and things didn't slide around when they were drawing on them. We also got out oil pastels and made a sky background on blue construction paper.

When the sky was done, they glued on their planes using regular Elmer's glue and then glued on some white pom poms behind the plane.
I love the little puffs of smoke!

We also made some trains using our fingerprints. My inspiration came from First the kids drew a train track (or just a line) on their papers. Then, using that line as a guide, they made fingerprints to represent train cars. We used ink pads, but paint would work as well.
Then they used a thin Sharpie to add wheels and details to the train cars, as well as connect them together.
For the smoke, they dipped their fingers in gray paint and added prints starting from the front of the train, and then up and back.
They turned out pretty cute.

When the paint was dry, they could draw in a background if they wanted to.

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