Friday, May 16, 2014

Peas in a Pod

We made adorable pea pods yesterday to go along with our Vegetable Garden theme! I knew I wanted to have the kids make some sort of pea pod craft, but I didn't know what. So I began looking through my craft drawers to see what I could use for peas. I found these pop beads that the kids sometimes use to brush up on their fine motor skills.
I had plenty of green ones so I decided to use those.
I snipped off the end easily with a scissors. Then I had to find something that could be the pod. These beads are pretty small, so I needed a small pod as well. I found a bag of seashells that I use for my beach unit. Although not perfect, I thought it would be good enough. So first the kids painted the outside of the shell with green paint.
When that dried, they painted the inside of the shell.
When that dried, I used hot glue to attach the beads to the inside of the shell. When the glue was cool, the kids used a thin black Sharpie to make faces on the beads.
They are so cute!
This pod has one pea yawning!
I love it! I tried putting magnets on the back, but all I had were thin self-adhesive ones and they weren't strong enough to hold the shell. I think those thick round ones would have worked. You could hot glue it to the back of the shell. But I just sent the pea pods home as is.
Oh, sweet pea...

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