Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Flowers

Here's a short and sweet post about what the kids made their moms for Mother's Day.
I got the idea for the paper flowers from Crafts For All Seasons. Please visit that site for the directions. She called it a paper bouquet, but I think it looks more like a potted plant. Either way, it is very easy to make and they turned out great. The kids did all the cutting themselves. And instead of putting glue on each green stem, the kids dipped the tissue paper into the glue and then attached them to the stems. They could also use several different colors of tissue paper.
They look so pretty! I only wish they smelled pretty, too.
For the card, I used stencils to trace the word MOM and made sure the letters were all touching. Then I shrunk it down so it would fit on a regular piece of card stock. I traced the word so the top was touching the fold of the paper and then cut them out. I decided not to cut the middle out of the O, and just used a marker to draw it. Although I do think it would be cute if it was cut out and had a picture of the child showing through. The kids wrote their name on the inside and drew some pictures or wrote "I love you."
Then they flipped it over and decorated the front with all kinds of sequins. They used a toothpick to apply glue to the card, then put on the sequins.
And they all loved it when I pointed out that when their card was open, MOM turned into WOW! ;o) Tomorrow I will put the flowers and cards into colored paper lunch bags to send home for Mother's Day!

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