Monday, May 5, 2014

Cupcake Liner Flowers

I found a package of brightly colored cupcake liners at the store and I couldn't resist buying them. I knew they would be perfect for an art project. So today the kids turned those liners into beautiful flowers. I folded all the liners in half 3 times. (The liners were white on the inside, so I flattened them out and then folded them with the color on the inside.)
The kids held on to the pointy end and cut a design into the other end. They could snip off the sides or cut a wavy line or cut triangles into it -- whatever they wanted.
When they opened them up they were amazed at their creations! After they cut the liners, they glued green stems onto blue construction paper. (I had cut a bunch of stems out ahead of time, but I also put green paper on the table in case anyone wanted to cut their own stems.) Then they glued the middle of the liner on top of their stem.
They made sure to glue down the white side, and only the middle so the "petals" of the flower would stick out. Then they added leaves. Again, I cut a bunch out but the kids were welcome to cut their own.
Finally, they used white glue to add a pink or purple button to the middle of the flower.

They turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I just love them! Some kids chose to cut the pointy end of the folded cupcake liner so they had a hole in the middle of their flower. Still pretty!
These really brighten up our room and I'm excited to do more flower crafts later this week!

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