Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sports Balls

We've been working on a few sports crafts this week and they are all simple so I decided to combine them into one post. Each one takes only a few minutes to make, but they are cute and the kids get some fine motor practice as well!
For the footballs, I traced a template onto brown paper (it was just a coloring sheet I found). The kids cut it out themselves.
They used a big paint brush for the stripes on the ends,
and a skinny paint brush for the stitching in the middle.
For the soccer balls, I cut out a bunch of pentagons from black paper and the kids glued them onto a white circle.

For the basketballs, the kids used pom poms dipped in paint. We used two colors. One was regular orange and the other was a mixture of yellow and orange. They painted a white circle.

When it was dry, we added the black lines with a Sharpie.
And for the baseball, I cut out small white circles and used a pencil to draw in the lines and stitches. I made it very simple with big stitches so it would be easy to trace.
The kids traced the "arrows" with a red marker.
Then they traced the curved line with glue,
and added red glitter.

I displayed them all on one wall with the words, Play Ball.
I even added red stitching to my letters, just for fun!

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