Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Neon Fireworks

Here is a fun Fourth of July project that's easy enough for the little ones. I bought some neon paint at Michaels and brought in my Martha Stewart crystal glitter.
I put small blobs of paint on black construction paper and the kids used a Q-tip to spread the paint from the center of the blob outward.

They could make it look like a starburst or curve the lines a bit to make it look more like a firework. This was much easier than when the kids made them with a glue bottle. They have more control with the Q-tip.
As pretty as they are just like that, they needed a little sparkle. I didn't want to cover up the neon colors so we sprinkled on some clear glitter.
Beautiful, right?

Once dry, I hung them in the hallway.
If you don't have neon paint, you could use glue and spread it with a Q-tip. Then just sprinkle colored glitter on top!
Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!


Carrie said...

Oh, I love them, Betsy!! We may have to try that this week.

Tonii said...

Wow Betsy, these are fantastic!! We usually do some sort of firework craft at our house...but never with neon! Thank you so much for the great idea...I just started following you on Bloglovin and am so excited!!

Blue Skies Ahead

Jenni Mills said...

Wonderful. We don't celebrate 4th of July in Australia, but it would be a fun craft to look at holidays and new year.