Monday, June 3, 2013

Little Campfires

We're on a camping trip this week -- in our imaginations, that is. I set up a tent in our room (you can see last year's here) and we even told ghost stories around a fake campfire! Today's craft was a little tissue paper campfire. I wanted it to be a night time fire, so we used a half sheet of black paper. For the logs, I cut a bunch of slits in brown paper and then cut them off.
So simple. The kids glued a few logs on their paper.
For the fire we used orange and yellow tissue paper squares. They squished them up, dipped them in glue and put them on the paper.
Then they could add stars with a white crayon or use some star stickers I had.

They turned out very cute!

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Maro's kindergarten said...

I love this craft!