Saturday, June 22, 2013


I have one last space craft to share with you. I mentioned it last year when we made marshmallow constellations, but I didn't show the process of making one. It's really very simple and the kids loved them. I started by taping two toilet paper rolls together. (A paper towel roll would be better because it's longer, but I didn't have any.) Then I took 4 layers of black tissue paper, cut out a square, and taped it tightly over one end of the tube.
Meanwhile, the kids used star, sun and moon stamps to decorate a white piece of construction paper. Our tubes were the perfect size for half of a sheet.
Then I rolled the paper around the tube and used tape to secure it.
I cut two strips of black construction paper, about a half inch wide or so, and wrapped them around the top and bottom.
Using a safety pin, I poked holes through the tissue paper to make stars.
In the past, I've always poked holes to make the big dipper,
but I thought this year I would just do a bunch of stars.
So what do I have in store for you next? An Ice Age unit!

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