Monday, March 4, 2013

Neon Art

So I got these generic neon post-it notes about a month ago. They didn't work at all. They weren't sticky and I had to tape them up whenever I used them. So I saved them, knowing the kids would have fun using them for an art project. Then I received some neon glitter glue from and I put the two together.
So I separated the (non)sticky notes into their 4 colors and put out 4 colors of glitter glue. I also put out glue sticks and scissors.
The kids cut up the sticky notes and glued them to a piece of white paper.
Then they added some glitter glue.
That was cool enough, but then in the afternoon I found some neon beads that were stashed away in one of my craft drawers. So I called the kids over 2 at a time to add some beads, if they wished.
They turned out great. Some kids made designs, others made pictures. I love this monster:
And this cute little bug:
And a truck:
This one reminds me of something from Where the Wild Things Are:
The abstract creations were awesome as well:

They all added a lot of color to our room!

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