Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giraffes and Zebras

It's been awhile since I've posted. It was a busy week, and when I finally had time to write, Blogger was down. But now I can get back to my safari crafts. These two I found here and here. I changed things just a bit, though. I prepared the footprints a few days before we did the craft. I asked each child if they wanted to be a giraffe or zebra, then I traced their foot (with their shoe on for a rounder look) on either yellow or white paper, depending on the animal they chose. Then I cut out necks and ears in both yellow and white. On our craft day, the kids glued their footprint onto the neck, glued on the ears, and drew on the face. For the giraffes, the kids used brown paint to make a mane and horns on top of the head. Then they used their finger to made the spots all over. Some kids even used their fingerprint to make the round part at the top of the horns.

For the zebras, the kids used black paint to make stripes and a mane.

It took almost the entire length of one wall to display them all.

And look at what our All Star brought in for a treat:
That's layered jello. Almost too pretty to eat!

Giraffe Fun Fact: The adult giraffe's front legs are so powerful it could easily kill a lion with one kick.

Zebra Fun Fact: A zebra's teeth keep growing for its entire life. The teeth don't look long because the constant grazing and chewing wear them down.


Sarah said...

I am browsing for projects on this rainy weekend! I love these all look together as a room border. And I love your blue walls! Did you get to pick the color? Everything looks good with that background.

Betsy said...

When it came time to paint the room, I was able to give my opinion (and I did say shades of blue), but I didn't actually pick the color. I loved it, though. I don't work there anymore and really miss that color for a background. Thanks for commenting!