Monday, May 23, 2011

Ancient Egypt

We started our Ancient Egypt unit today. We made two small crafts. The first one is a cartouche, which is a name plate. The child's name is written in hieroglyphics and placed in an oval. I printed out the names using this website, cut them out, and put them on colored construction paper.
Then I set out some gems for the kids to glue on around the name. This first one still has wet glue.

I mentioned to the children that they could put them on their bedroom door or on their bed. They were pretty excited to do that!
The other craft was an amulet, or lucky charm. I went to Michael's and found some beads that looked kind of "Egyptian," if you know what I mean. They looked like they had hieroglyphs on them or carvings that Egyptians would have made.
Then I put out a bunch of beads and some elastic string and the kids made their own bracelets.
Sorry about the horrible picture. It's hard to get a good shot when the project is on a flat table that reflects the huge lights from above.


English said...

Wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Monica said...

thanks for sharing.. we are going to make these in our co-op class soon!

Sonya Polesnek said...

How do you save the name when it is done?

Betsy said...

Sonya, do you mean from the website? I didn't save the names. I printed each one out as I made them, so I didn't need to save them.