Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Cat's New Hat and Dr. Seuss Bingo

We started our Dr. Seuss theme yesterday. I always have so much fun with this unit! It seems the craft ideas are endless. I told my class that the Cat in the Hat called me to say he lost his hat. He was wondering if we had seen it. (Nope.) And if we hadn't, could we possibly design a new one for him? (Of course!) For each child, I drew a tall hat on white paper and put out a bunch of art supplies for the kids to use. We had markers, glitter glue, foam hearts and paper flowers. I also put out scrap paper and scissors. The kids did a wonderful job designing new hats.

There were no two hats alike and everyone really took their time making the best hat possible for the Cat. I think he will have a hard time choosing which one will be his new hat!

I'm tempted to make a big Cat so each child can put his or her hat on its head for a picture. If I do, I'll be sure to update this post.
I also made a Dr. Seuss Bingo game for the class. I did it the same way I made my Polar Bingo a couple years ago, by using the site SEN Teacher. You can search for certain pictures and they appear in a box. You can label them and change the size and borders. So I searched for Dr. Seuss characters. I made 16 different cards and put 8 on each bingo board. I made 8 boards total. Then I printed out the 16 character cards just by themselves, but a little bigger, to be the drawing pile. I laminated everything.
I put the game out with sparkly pom poms as the markers, saying they were clovers from Horton Hears a Who.
The kids are really enjoying it!

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