Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Waving Snowman Craft

Schools are closed today because of extremely low and dangerous temperatures. I decided to use this "bonus" day at home to make a craft with my daughter.
She takes after her mom when it comes to crafting. She loves it! First I had to walk around my house and find things to use. I don't have a lot of craft supplies here, but I did find a few things that would work. The snowman is made from coffee filters. I cut the top one a little smaller. I folded it into fourths (you can still see the crease lines) to make it easier to cut a near-perfect circle. I also doubled-up my coffee filters because one was too transparent and I didn't want the black paper showing through. I attached the coffee filters with double stick tape.
Here is what I had in mind for the snowman. Nothing was glued down. I was just getting an idea.
First I let my daughter play with all the supplies. She enjoyed spreading everything out. I may have let this go on a little too long!
But after cleaning it all up, we got to work. I helped her out with the face of the snowman. I put drops of glue on and told her to put the eyes on it. I did the same for the nose, which was cut from craft foam.
I ended up turning the nose to make room for the mouth. I had a bunch of craft foam hearts, so we used those for the smile. As for the body of the snowman, I let my daughter do whatever she wanted. She loved being in charge of the glue!

I decided to change things a bit for the arms of her snowman. I traced her hand on brown paper (which was not an easy task to say the least!) and cut out two. I taped them to brown pipe cleaners and shoved the other end of the pipe cleaner under the coffee filter. I was glad I had used double stick tape because I could easily pick up the coffee filter, stick in the pipe cleaner, and put the filter back in place. (I'm lacking pictures because it's really hard to do while helping a toddler!) I had cut a hat from red card stock and she glued that to the head, then we found a neat button and she glued that to the hat. We found some craft foam snowflake stickers and added them around the snowman. And for snow, we tore apart white tissue paper, scrunched it up and glued it to the bottom of the paper.
(Gotta love the wiggle eye on the belly!)
Once it was dry, we hung him up!
Because the arms are pipe cleaners, when you touch the hands they jiggle. It looks like the snowman is waving!
My daughter kept giving him high fives :0) Isn't he cute? Now it's time for some hot cocoa!

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Carrie said...

So cute!! I would love for you to share at Sharing Saturday this weekend!!