Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Icicles and Snowflakes

We are discussing the season of Winter this week. Yesterday we made icicles with glue and salt. I got the idea from Inner Child Fun. The kids made a line of glue at the top of their paper, tipped it up to watch the glue drip, and then added salt.

We used coarse Kosher salt. I thought the bigger salt looked better than regular table salt. And the more salt, the better. Here is one with a little salt:
After encouraging the child to add lots more salt, this is how it looked:
I like the chunky look better.
I will warn you, though, when I was hanging these up on the wall, chunks were falling off. You probably wouldn't have that problem with regular salt. But if you're not handling them much, it's not a big deal. I hung them up with a poem: I drip drip drip, From my tip tip tip, Like a tooth tooth tooth, From the roof roof roof.
The kids love that poem!
We also made snowflakes by cutting up folded coffee filters. I saw this wonderful door display at The Butterfly Jungle of a polar bear blowing snowflakes instead of bubbles. I knew I would never be able to make a polar bear sitting like that, so I decided to make a snowman instead. And since my class is crazy for the movie Frozen, I made Olaf.

I cut everything free-hand. It was nice that it didn't have to be perfect. And the kids were so excited when they saw it!
We are also doing our styrofoam snowman activity from last year.
Check it out here!

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