Monday, July 21, 2014

Paper Bag Cowboy Boots

A couple weeks ago we had a Wild West theme. I haven't done this theme in several years and it was fun to get back in the saddle again. (Sorry -- couldn't resist!) One of our projects was making cowboy/cowgirl boots. I got the idea from Momstown Calgary.
We pretty much followed their directions. I found a boot template from a quick google search, enlarged it to fit the paper bag and cut out a bunch of them from different colored construction paper. The kids decorated them with circle and star confetti/sequins.
I also photocopied some spurs that I found in the July/August Teacher Idea Book. Those were glued on around the ankle and decorated as well.

I had actually considered cutting out the bottom of the bags so the kids could wear them, but then I thought they would all get crushed and destroyed as they walked around.
But paper bag boots fit their legs/feet perfectly, so it's definitely an option! I told the kids they could cut the bottoms out when they got home if they wanted to. Still love how they turned out, though!


Alicia Hall said...

I'm loving your cowboy theme! I think another cool craft to do with the kids can be making diy shoe birdhouses. Check out the cowboy ones they're adorable

Betsy said...

Those are really cute birdhouses, Alicia! Thanks for sharing them. What a great idea!

Abby said...

I love this idea! Is there any chance you still have the spur template? I can't find anything I like that is easy for preschool.

Thank you!


Betsy said...

Abby, I do still have the template, but your email wasn't attached to your comment. You can email me separately at and I can send you the PDF. Otherwise you can just use a star for the spur and attach it to a strip of paper.