Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lassoin' Cowboys and Dress-Up Fun

I'm finally wrapping up our Wild West week, about 3 weeks after it happened. For this last project, I printed out a coloring sheet of a cowboy (found here), used white-out to get rid of the lasso and photocopied it on the far left side of the paper. The kids colored the cowboy and drew in a background.
Then they used white glue to make a line from the cowboy's hand to the right side of the paper and make a loop. They put a yellow piece of yarn on top of the glue to make the lasso.

All week long, the kids were dressing up as cowboys and cowgirls. I brought in a bunch of props, like hobby horses, cowboy hats and handkerchiefs. I also brought in two vests that my mom made for one of my classes many years ago. She also made some "chaps" with fake leather material and pieces of elastic. I thought the kids could wear one on each leg, but they just wrapped one of them around their waist and were good to go!

We also had a Wild West Day, where the kids came to school dressed as cowboys or girls. We had the cutest bunch of cowgirls I ever did see!

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