Friday, February 28, 2014

Yertle the Turtle & Wacky Wednesday

We finished up our Dr. Seuss unit today and I have a few ideas to share with you. We read Yertle the Turtle.
The kids really liked this story! They felt bad for poor Mack at the bottom of the pile. And of course, when he burped there was a room full of giggles! For the craft, I cut out a "flattened" turtle shape for the kids to color.

I cut them from card stock so they'd be sturdy because I wanted them to stand on their own. I was lucky enough to find a blue egg carton in our storage room (a much lighter blue than the turtles in the book, but a blue nonetheless) and cut it apart to make the shells. I ended up just taping the egg cup to the paper and it held up great. I bent the legs down and they became the cutest little turtles!

And of course, to go along with the story, we tried to see how many we could stack. This didn't work very well because the bottoms were now flat from the paper, but we did manage to get 4 on top of each other.
Every time we added a fifth, the stack would come tumbling down! There were a lot of kids holding their breath when it came time to add the fifth one! So fun!
We also had Wacky Wednesday, in honor of the book by the same name. (Although it's not a true Dr. Seuss book, I did explain to the kids that it was written by the same man using a different name.)
The kids dressed a little crazy!
The book is filled with silly things that the kids have to find on every page, so for art they drew their own wacky pictures. Then they shared them with the class so we could all find the silly things.

Multiple suns was a common one, as well as floating things, like cars and trees.
See the silly thing in this picture above, besides the suns? The man is driving a tractor with his feet backwards! My kiddos are so creative, I gotta love 'em.

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