Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sweet Tooth (and a Frog Treat)

To finish up our dental health week, I made "toothpaste" by mixing tempera paint with shaving cream.
It was nice and fluffy! The kids used toothbrushes to brush giant teeth that I had cut out.

I did not add any glue, so this isn't puffy paint. For the most part, it dried flat. But they looked so pretty with the Valentine's colors they used, I decided to call them Sweet Teeth.
And on an unrelated note, one of my kids brought in a birthday treat. FROGS!
It's an Oreo cookie sitting on two pretzels, all covered in what I think was white chocolate tinted green. It had candy eyes and a strawberry fruit snack for a tongue. How cute is that?
And it was so good!

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