Friday, December 6, 2013

Fingerprint Musical Notes

I have one last project to share that goes along with our music theme this week.
I got the idea from the 3-year-old teacher at my center. She had the kids make a bunch of fingerprints on a piece of paper and then she added the stems to them. I loved it. Since my kids are a bit older, I decided to have a little more structure to it by using music staves. So after a google search for blank staves, I printed one out and then enlarged it. The quality wasn't so great after a 250% enlargement, so I ended up tracing it with a Sharpie onto another piece of paper. I chose to make three. I put out some ink pads and the kids used their fingers to make notes on each staff.

Then, after washing the ink off their hands, they used markers to make the stems.

They turned out so cute! I even asked them to think of a song name for their music (real or made-up) and I wrote it at the top of the paper.

Thanks for the idea, Ms. Amanda!

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Tonii said...

This is a truly fantastic idea! We always do a weekly theme on music at our house, and this will definitely be included next time. Thanks so much for sharing...pinning now!