Thursday, December 12, 2013

Class Fairy Tale

For our Medieval Times Fairy Tale theme, my class made up their own fairy tale! I wrote at the top of a big white board, "Once upon a time" and at the bottom I wrote, "happily ever after." The kids filled in the rest! Each child who wanted to participate gave an idea, a sentence, or even just a name to the story. It was a lot of fun! I did discuss with them beforehand that we need to introduce characters at the beginning, have a problem in the middle, and solve the problem at the end. I think for the most part that went over their heads, but they did a great job! That night I typed it up into a little book. I left the title blank so each child could come up with their own.
The story wasn't very long, so I was able to make it into four pages. I read what was on each page and the kids drew a picture to go along with it. Our fairy tale involved a jaguar so I put out a few stencils for the kids to trace. But some chose to draw it themselves, which was great!
When they were done, they each had their own fairy tale book that they could "read" themselves!

See those lines coming from the jaguar's mouth? Yeah, it ate the princess. But don't worry -- a knight came along and pulled her back out!

I also did this a couple years ago, but left all the character names blank so each child could write in their own names to make the story unique.

I recently found these pictures and I had forgotten that one little boy chose me as the princess!
So sweet!

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