Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dinosaur Fossils

We learned about the letter D today, so our art project had to do with dinosaurs (one of my favorite themes). A couple of days ago, I brought in some Model Magic by Crayola. I flattened out a small amount for each child and asked the kids to pick out a small plastic dinosaur. They pushed it into the "clay."

Because they weren't flat, we had to kind of roll the dino around so all the parts made a print. Then the kids stood the dino up and made prints of the feet.
I let the "fossils" sit on the window sill for two days. They don't ever get really hard, but they do get somewhat firm.
Today the kids used watercolors to paint them.
The paint made the imprints more visible.

Here's mine from years ago. It broke last year so I had to glue it.

Fun Fact: Pteranodons, or any of the flying prehistoric creatures, were not dinosaurs. They were related to the dinosaurs, but true dinosaurs could not fly.


Melissa said...

WOW! These are fantastic! My little man would love these!

Betsy said...

Thanks! If your son is the only child making one, you could use all the Model Magic and make a big fossil! Now that would be cool!