Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bear Puzzles

Today's color was brown and I taught about bears (the Alaskan brown bear and the grizzly, to be exact). Our project was very simple. I found a picture of a bear coloring page and the kids used crayons to color it.
No, that's not all. It wasn't that simple! After they colored it I drew lines on it, dividing it into 6 pieces or 9 pieces (depending on whether they wanted an easy puzzle or a harder puzzle).

I didn't measure or anything to get even squares. I just eyeballed it. Then the kids cut on the lines.
When the picture was all cut up, they picked out a piece of colored construction paper, put their picture back together again...
...and glued the pieces on the paper!
See? Simple! And yet lots of fine motor practice!

Fun Fact: Bears stand on their hind legs not to get ready to charge, but rather to get a better look or smell. The Alaskan brown bear can be ten feet tall when standing!

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