Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine Whale

Here's what my little group of kids made for Valentine's Day!
First I cut out a simple cartoonish whale shape, without the tail, and glued it to a big piece of white paper.
(I would recommend construction paper, but I didn't have any. I used pieces cut from a roll of paper, which is why it's taped down on the corners.) I then used the kids' handprints to form the tail.
When the paint was dry, I put a heart sticker at the top of the whale to indicate where the blowhole was.
(Sorry about these horrible photos. I never remember to bring my camera so I have to use my phone for pictures.) The kids added more self-adhesive foam hearts (given to me by!) above the whale.
Then they added a big wiggle eye and drew a mouth.
I wrote the words, "Whale you be my Valentine?" by tracing over printed words because I don't have great handwriting.
The crinkled paper is yet another reason to use construction paper. I really wish I had it for this craft. The little one's handprints were a little tricky to get right, but it's still cute!

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