Monday, October 12, 2015

Sparkly Spider Webs

I found these jeweled spider rings at Target and I thought they'd be cute for a spider web craft. Plus I knew my daughter would love wearing them.
We used sturdy paper plates for this craft, but any thick paper would work. Start by making your web with Elmer's white glue.
Younger kids can just put a bunch of glue on their plate any way they'd like. Then shake on the glitter.

This is where the paper plate really came in handy. It helped contain the glitter. You can even shake it around on your plate to make sure all the glue gets covered.
Then quickly dump the excess glitter in the garbage or another container if you wish to save it. Now it's time to add your spiders! I cut off the ring parts of the spiders so they'd be flat on the plate. I also used glue dots, but regular glue is fine, too. Wait for the glue to dry and your sparkly spider web is complete!

I'm thinking of punching a hole in the top and putting string through so I can hang them somewhere. They're cute halloween decorations!

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