Friday, July 3, 2015

Footprint Rocket Pop

I'm sharing a super easy, super fast, super cute craft with you! And just in time for the Fourth of July! Do you remember Rocket Pops? I know they are still around today, but I haven't had them since I was a little kid. We would always get one when we visited the museums in Chicago. They were sold from sidewalk carts outside the buildings. Great memories! My daughter hasn't had one yet, so we made a craft instead. I painted her foot red, white and blue.
I made a print on white paper, so I probably didn't have to use white paint. I could have just left the middle of the foot unpainted. Once it was dry, I cut it out and taped a craft stick to the back. So simple!
My daughter has high arches, so I didn't cut around the foot exactly. I made it a little wider in the middle. I like that it has almost the same shape as a rocket pop, plus the toes remind me of it dripping as it melts!

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