Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Glue and Chalk Creations

I saw these really cool spider webs at Pink and Green Mama. They used glue to make their spider on black paper, then when it dried they colored with chalk and the spider stayed black. I loved it! I tried it with my class a few weeks ago. I wrote their names with glue on black construction paper. The next day the kids colored over it with chalk.
Then they took a small pom pom and traced over their name. This made their name more visible and was great fine motor practice!
We had tried wiping the whole thing with a tissue, like they did at Pink and Green Mama, but it took off too much chalk from the paper. The little pom pom worked great!

I also let them draw whatever they wanted with the glue.
A couple days later they colored over it with chalk and used the pom pom again.
They turned out great and looked so bright on our wall!

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