Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back-to-School Buses

Although my center is open all year long, my kids still get a "back-to-school" feeling because they start 4K at the school. They spend the morning with me and bus to 4K for a few hours in the afternoon. So I thought they'd enjoy making little school buses. I drew a very basic school bus shape on yellow construction paper. It's all straight lines. The kids cut out the buses all by themselves.
Then they glued on black rectangles and black circles (that I had previously cut out for them) to make the windows and wheels of the bus.
I also cut out red octagons and they glued them on the bus as well. They used a silver metallic Sharpie to write STOP on it.
If they wanted, they could use a black marker to write a number on their bus and the words School Bus.
I took a picture of each child and printed them out using the Contacts option, which provided me with the perfect size photo for the window.
I printed five of each kid and cut around the heads, although leaving them as rectangles would have worked as well. Then each child glued their own picture in the first window and glued their friends' pictures in the remaining windows.

I told them to glue the pictures at the bottom of the windows to avoid "floating heads." :o) The kids loved seeing their pictures on the bus!

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Brenda Hunter said...

I love this simple craft and the addition of the kids photos!