Friday, June 6, 2014

Pretzel Tree Houses

I had a fun idea the other day. I thought the kids would enjoy designing their dream tree houses. I was thinking they could use craft sticks, but they are big and kind of hard to break if smaller pieces are needed. So I brainstormed a little bit and came up with pretzel sticks! We used large white construction paper so there would be plenty of room for their masterpieces. First they drew a branch at the bottom of their paper. Then they used a glue bottle like a pen to "draw" their tree house. And lastly, they put pretzel sticks along their glue lines.

The pretzels were very easy for the kids to break if they needed to. And it gave the tree houses a rustic look. When the glue was dry, or mostly dry, they used markers and crayons to add details to their houses, like furniture or flags or people.

I also used my label maker to print out little signs with their names on them. This is actually what gave me the idea to have them make a tree house. The labels looked like wooden name plates.
So the kids attached the sign somewhere on their tree house. Finally, they glued on some leaves so it would look like it was actually in a tree.
There were some really cool designs! The kids did a great job!
Although it looks like this child didn't want his mom in his tree house, he explained to me that mom was the only girl name he knew how to spell. So it's supposed to mean No Girls Allowed!
But this boy seemed to get it right.
The kids were all so creative and each one looks different.

This was such a fun project!

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