Thursday, March 6, 2014

Class Clowns

Here come the clowns!
I took pictures of the kids and used the Pencil Sketch editing tool on Picasa before printing them out as 5x7s. I forgot to print them on card stock paper, so I ended up cutting them out and gluing them to the card stock instead. I put out markers, pom poms and scrap paper for the kids to use to make themselves into clowns.
To make the big collar that some clowns have, the kids could cut it out themselves or they could use the ones I started for them. I just took a rectangle and cut a "dip" where the neck would be.
They just had to cut the bottom in a silly way and glue it on.

Then when I cut the whole picture out, I rounded out the collars a bit at the shoulders. They could also make hats with the construction paper and pom poms. They turned out very cute!

I hung them in the hall with the title Class Clowns.
We also played Pin the Nose on the Clown! I drew a big noseless clown onto poster board and hung it on the wall. Then I blindfolded the kids one at a time, spun them around and they had to stick a pom pom on the clown!

I used masking tape and it went on and came off without any trouble at all. Tomorrow I'm going to try a different game with it. If it works out, I'll be sure to let you know!

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