Thursday, November 21, 2013

Foil Moon Drawings

Yesterday we read Eric Carle's Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me.
In the story there's a little girl who wants to play with the moon, so her dad uses a really long ladder to get it for her. I wanted the kids to illustrate part of the book, so I cut out circles from aluminum foil to use as moons. We also used black and blue glitter construction paper. (I didn't have enough black paper, which is why we used blue, too.) I love how the glitter on the black paper looks like stars in space.
The kids glued the foil moon to the top of their paper and used oil pastels to draw the ladder.
After that, they could add whatever they wanted, even if it wasn't part of the story. We had some aliens and planets and astronauts.

One boy said he wanted his moon to be a crescent, so I cut it for him.
I love that!

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