Thursday, September 20, 2012

Silly Scarecrows

Last year my class my huge scarecrows. I loved them but I wanted to do something different this year. I used the same template as my big scarecrow, which is from a coloring sheet I found many years ago.
I traced the different clothing parts onto construction paper and cut them out.
Then I took pictures of the kids and cut out the heads and put them "in" the hats.
They selected what color they wanted and I glued the heads in. I cut a slit in the hat so the top of the head was covered up by the hat. I left a little part of the picture below their heads so they would have something to which they could glue the scarf. I also cut small squares out of felt in case they wanted to glue on patches or a pocket.
At the art table, the kids put the rest of the body parts together themselves.
Then I asked what color yarn they wanted for a belt and tied that around the waist for them.
It was looking a tad boring so I found some straw-colored construction paper, cut some fringe, glued it to the arms and legs, and roughed it up a bit.
That's exactly what our scarecrows needed -- straw!
I hung them all on our door.
Three of my kids were gone today, so they will add theirs tomorrow. I was trying to think of a fun title or saying, but nothing came to mind (other than "Happy Fall, y'all" which is everywhere). I do like that they are personalized with the children's faces, but I miss the big ones!

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