Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jaguar Puppets

We discussed the letter J today, so I taught the kids all about jaguars. Then we used brown paper lunch bags to make puppets. I cut out a bunch of "spots" from brown paper, then cut out some ears and tails.
First the kids drew on a face with markers. Then they glued on the spots.
On the flip side, they glued on more spots, plus the ears and the tail.
They also drew in some sharp teeth under the flap.
During circle time, I had told the kids that one way to tell the difference between jaguars and leopards is by their spots, which are called rosettes. Jaguars have spots inside their rosettes. Here is a picture of a real jaguar to show you what I mean. (Source: Animal Corner)
Aren't they beautiful animals? Anyway, back to the puppet. The kids used markers to make spots inside the spots that they glued on.
Now it's a "true" jaguar.
Fun Fact: Jaguars are the real "king of the jungle." (That's right. Lions don't live in jungles.) They have powerful jaws and can kill in one bite. Sadly, these beautiful animals are endangered.

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