Friday, April 29, 2011

Cardinal Cuties

After learning about song birds, and particularly cardinals, the kids made their own cardinals using their foot and hand prints. I traced everyone's foot (no shoes, just socks) on red paper, then they made hand prints with red paint on white paper. The heel of the foot would be the head, and the toes of the foot would be the tail. The hand prints would be the wings. I also provided beaks, legs, wiggle eyes, black "splotches" to go behind the eyes and beak, and red feathers (for the crest). The kids glued everything together on white paper.

Then they used markers to add a background. Here's how they turned out. These kids are so creative!

How cute are these guys?

Fun Fact: The male cardinal is the defender of their breeding territory. They have been known to spend hours "fighting" their reflection in glass surfaces!

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