Monday, August 26, 2013

Footprint Flip-Flops

It's the last week of summer vacation around here, and a hot one to boot. Our theme this week is the beach, so it fits perfectly. Earlier this summer, one of my daughter's teachers made these flip-flops with the babies:
So cute, right? I knew I had to make them with my class. First I mixed brown and white paint to make a skin-tone color and I painted the kids' feet and made prints. I cut them out and they glued them to a flip-flop shape I made from construction paper. (You could also just cut around your footprint in a flip-flop shape like above.)
Then the kids added the straps. To make the straps, I folded several pieces of neon paper in half and cut the corners off, then cut again making about a half-inch wide strip.

This made the ends of the strips pointy so it could fit between the toes. I helped the kids position them on their footprints.
(Don't worry about the extra part. That gets trimmed later.) If the kids wanted to, they could paint their toenails!
Finally, they added a flower to the strap.
The flowers were cut using my Cricut, which are actually for an upcoming project, but I knew I could spare a few to give these flip-flops the final touch. After trimming the straps, here are the adorable flip-flops:

Ooh, I love them!

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Maro Oikonomou said...

They are wonderful!